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Developing a style has to do with so much more than creating a look you love; hairstyling fits in with the atmosphere and the aesthetic that best represents you. 

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the Stylist


Map My Hair Styling Experience

  • Earned a Cosmetology License at Paul Mitchell the School Portsmouth

  • Receptionist at Amelia's Salon Merrimac, MA 2017-2020

  • Key Makeup Artist for Wonderama Season 6 & 7

  • Makeup Assistant in NYC

  • Stylist for Formal Events in NH, ME, MA, NJ, and NY (Will travel upon request)


Stylist's Statement

Always grateful to meet amazing individuals, prepare heart-warming memories, and help clients feel their most comfortable and beautiful self... being an independent hair stylist goes beyond the style.


One of the best parts of being in this industry is meeting so many amazing individuals. From clients to role models, the stories I hear cease to inspire me. 


A true model for living your dream is the extremely talented photographer, Joel Simpson ((Link attached)). Bringing geography and Surrealism together, Joel's photographs capture stories that  encourage others to voyage with open eyes. 


After meeting Joel, he mentioned a twist to my branding: “Vos Boucles De Boucher”, meaning “Your Curls by Boucher”. And though ‘Braids by Boucher’ will not be renamed, one’s heritage is nonetheless a key aspect of their identity, and I aim to help my clients recognize the beauty in their own.

Vos Boucles De Boucher

My Inspirations of the Industry

Amelia's Salon

My initial step into the industry was working as a receptionist at Amelia's Salon in Merrimac, MA. Through meeting sweet clients every day and witnessing their happy glow after their hair appointment, I fell in love with the industry. Not to mention, surrounding myself with empowering and talented stylists who inspired me to echo their dedication!

Jennifer Snowdon

NYC could be a very intimidating industry for beauty stylists. I am very grateful to have been surrounded by many inspiring artists. Jennifer Snowdon is one of these incredible individuals as she is well known for bringing out clients' natural beauty and continuously thinking of others. From makeup, to life as a makeup artist, to life itself; Jennifer is someone I will always look up to. 

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"Olivia was a pleasure to work with from start to finish. We exchanged emails prior to booking because I wanted to make sure she could work with my type of hair, and she answered my questions and gave me such great suggestions and information. She nailed the hair during my trial and then nailed it for my sunrise ceremony and the following day for my reception celebration (so lucky to have had her do my hair three times!). When I saw photos of my wedding, it's my hair that amazed me! It held up so beautifully and got so many compliments. I highly recommend Olivia! Thank you!"


Sunrise Wedding August 20, 2022

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Mountain Elopement - Lauren Anthony - Kelly Stevens Photo-61.jpg
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